New Paintings

Apr 21, 2014

I’ve been in the studio a lot lately

New Sculptural Works

Jan 26, 2014

New works using cut pieces of wood, paint and concrete blocks.
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the american artist recently completed several new sculptures using wood and concrete as starting points. - via DesignBoom

Images - Steve Cole

Spectrum: A Book Full Of Color

Jan 23, 2014

Featured in a new book focusing on Art, Design and Color
Spectrum: A Book Full of Color
Barcelona, Spain
Published by Sylvie Estrada
Concept and Design: Fredrica Sala
Proof Reading: Maureen Cooly
Printed in Spain

Design Boom Interview

Jan 10, 2014

New interview on Design Boom.

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designboom interviews alex brewer, better known as HENSE, about his artistic practice.  DB: please could you tell us briefly about your background?

AB: I’m a contemporary visual artist with a focus primarily on public art, painting, sculpture and site-specific installation work. I’ve been creating paintings and drawings ever since I was very young. My parents had a background in interior design and architecture and they also studied art in college which I think contributed to my wanting to be creative early on. They pushed public television and reading and I remember being inspired by the things I would see on PBS or read in a book. I also really liked the illustrations I saw in children’s books that we had around the house growing up. I didn’t really start thinking about having a career in art until high school. In 1992 I discovered graffiti and I basically through myself into the world of working outdoors and on multiple surfaces. I studied art at virginia commonwealth university briefly and dropped out to peruse my work in the street. In 2000 I got a job working at an art publishing company which had an in house art studio full of all the materials I would need to experiment with. I worked for the company for several years developing works for them and for myself, while simultaneously going out to paint the streets at night. I learned about scale and working outdoors through exterior street work and I learned about painting and developing my studio practice by working with the company. I always took on my own projects or exhibitions on the side and got to a point of being busy enough to shift my focus entirely to having my own studio.

Atlanta Magazine Artist of the Year

Dec 03, 2013

Alex Brewer, the artist better known by his tag HENSE, had a breakout year. But he’s certainly no breakout artist, having long straddled the worlds of illicit street graffiti and commissioned public art. Even so, 2013 brought new milestones for the thirty-five-year-old Brewer, both for his art—abstract works of bold lines and candy-colored shapes—and acclaim. Among the highlights: a solo show of paintings at a Chicago gallery, corporate commissions from New Jersey to Florida, contracts from local big names like Fay Gold and Alton Brown, and a soaring exterior installation in Lima, Peru. Brewer also produced his longest work to date, a 16-by-300-foot mural for a property in Chicago’s warehouse district. (His vertical record is the Peru mural at 137 feet tall.) And for the first time, Brewer was commissioned by the High Museum of Art to produce a site-specific installation, part of this summer’s Drawing Inside the Perimeter exhibition (above). “It meant a lot to be included in an exhibition at the museum I’ve gone to for years as a source for contemporary art as well as art history,” Brewer says. “It was an absolute honor.” But even as Brewer winds down from what he describes as his “most productive year,” his focus is on what’s ahead. The top goal for 2014? A solo exhibition at a major museum. - See more at:

Atlanta Magazine

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